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05 July 2008 @ 09:48 am
Drink, Just don't drive.  

Got into a discussion with a guy here about all the cops doing DUI checks this weekend.

Thought I'd post my reply here:

As far as I'm concerned, me and white man's firewater don't get along. Mind you, I did a lot of experimentation, back in my younger days, but my dad is Native American, my mom's Japanese. I have an ETOH tolerance of about zip.
Drink all ya want though, enjoy!
Call me, I'll drive ya home, OK?
My first supervisor at NNMC Bethesda did three tours of 'Nam. Spent his third tour up in the Rung Sat Special Zone, racing the NVA to the downed pilots.
Never got injured bad enough to require medical care out-of-country.
So, he goes home to West-by-god-Virginia for the 4th of July, 1976. Driving down a road near Beckley, runs into a schmuck with a snootful.
at 10.30 in the morning.
Bastard killed Pete, his wife, and both boys. The little girl lived a week longer.
The drunk walked away.
Never saw a group of sailors and Marines get that close to lynching.

We had the jail reconned, mapped, and a  flash bangs, smoke and CS ready to go. Imagine a squad  sitting on a grassy knoll about half a mile from the jail fence, scoping the place and trying to gigure how to identify the correct prisoner van.

Yep, THAT serious.

Nowadays, I'd use the SVD and the night scope...but that's what 33 years of experience get's you.

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Webbiegrrl Writer: Pinkywebbiegrrl on July 5th, 2008 02:57 pm (UTC)
don't the DD's always have the best stories?
Yeah, I'm a DD too since I don't drink--ever--but not because I can't. I just don't like it and don't get drunk no matter how much I try to consume. I vomit, I get bitchy and tired and impatient but I don't ever get a buzz on. It sucks, I tell you ;-) Right. Since I really don't like the flavor of any alcoholic beverage I've tried--and since I bartended for 4 years, I've pretty much tried them all, once--I'm better off keeping my money for gasoline EH?

I can't believe that story, though, Ed. Wow. That truly sucks. Thanks for sharing though I think I need a happy-making story this morning, you know? Got one of those perchance?
oso305oso305 on July 5th, 2008 04:28 pm (UTC)
Happy Stories
Well, I'm moving into the new place today. It's a beautiful day, the weather is perfect.
The 4th was good, today is nice, and life is copacetic.
Just hitting lunch and checking my email - how pathetic is that? - and it's back to the grind

Going to go shoot some rounds tomorrow - got some flashbangs for my type 66. My friend the vitner wants me to scare some of the more persistant birds out there
Webbiegrrl Writerwebbiegrrl on July 5th, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy Stories
Just hitting lunch and checking my email - how pathetic is that? - and it's back to the grind

Sounds nice and relaxed for a "day after the move" - wow, I'm envious! You know, that "and it's back to the grind" sounds JUST like the Ed Stalker character in the Lacey / Rainey story!! *haha*

Going to go shoot some rounds tomorrow - got some flashbangs for my type 66

I'm jealous!! I don't normally fire a gun but somehow, right now, I'm REALLY tempted *muhahaha*

oso305oso305 on July 7th, 2008 04:03 am (UTC)
Re: Happy Stories
Well, it isn't "day after the move" - it's just that, for the first time ever, I'm in no hurry. Ain't like I gotta move out of the trailer that fast, and I haven't closed on the house yet.I figure to get all the small stuff moved this week in the van, than get a U-Lug on Sunday for the large furniture.

I had my first cookout today. They left a DuKane gas grill - a Natural gas one - no tanks - sells for approx $700 new - I just cleaned it up, washed the grills, and fired her up on the first try. Just burgers and dogs, but hey...I get the DSL hooked up in the next week or two, and we have the new party place.
Cleaned up the old patio furniture with the pressure washer, hooked up the portable stereo on the patio, and just chilled and enjoyed the evening.
Went in and fired up the MP1 - that's my term for the player piano - and we played about 10 rolls. Kinda cool, the original karaoake, ya know.

So yep, I'm in a happy mood today, even if I didn't shoot today. I find firing high velocity slugs at a piece of paper to be surprisingly relaxing. Sometimes I just go rapid fire, all ten rounds, pretty much unaimed fire, when I'm stressed. Incredibly relaxing - much better than any alcohol or drugs I've ever tried.
I told Carol about inviting you to come visit - well, to be fair, I've invited a lot of people - but you're the only single female. I told her that I'm too old and fat to be interesting to you as anything other than a friend, but she's still - well, not exactly worried, but...I guess she's got trust issues, based on past experience. Well, the only way you build trust is build it, one wheel barrow load at a time, if you have to. I still find it amazing that she doesn't find me too old and fat to be interesting, I certainly don't expect to find any other women in this world that would consider me as partner material.
{grin} and I'm a one-woman dog kind of guy. I don't leave, women leave me, ya know? Two walked out, one died in a car wreck. I've been blessed in so many other ways, I guess I can't kick that I seem to have lousy luck in relationships.
I rarely have dreams that I remember, but last night I had what seemed like a view of an alternate reality. It was the commissary at Wright Patterson AFB, circa 1990, and I was walking in with Carol, my son Kevin, Carol's daughter's Sarah and Wendy, her son Adam in the stroller, and she was pregnant...I guess in that world, we made smarter choices. I told Carol about it - she had never heard of the concept of alternate realities, but she liked that one a lot. It was just a little snippet, about a minute subjective, but it felt good, you know?
Stay well
Webbiegrrl Writerwebbiegrrl on July 7th, 2008 12:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Happy Stories
[ re happy-making at the firing range ]

Yeah, I know why the concept works. Like I said, I don't fire guns, don't own 'em, don't normally use 'em unless I'm around someone stupid enough to hand one loaded to me. I used to be scary-accurate in a "shoot from the hip" sort of way. And it felt *GOOD* to fire. It's like a high-impact sport for releasing tension - not anger, just high-energy tension and stress in the body. Hmmm, yeah, jealous of you I am.

[ re Carol being jealous of me ]

hahaha....okay, no, not laughing but tell her (have her read this?) the chance of you and I being more than platonic friends are low for the next 3 to 5 years minimum because we simply don't know each other. I wouldn't put it out of the question if I actually knew you IRL, Ed, but I'm *intensely* cautious about crossing the line from one type of relationship (casual friendship) to another (FWBs or romantic lovers). A stranger has a far better chance of getting naked with me than someone I've met and gotten to know online and definitely more than someone I'm friends with IRL. I don't like changing the rules with analyzing it to death and then I decide it's not worth risking what's already working. I can get sex elsewhere; friends are too hard to come by to "use up" that way.

[ re the alternate reality moment ]

yeah, I know exactly what you mean by feeling good and THIS is why I keep saying you really need to just up and move to California, Mister Ed (LOL do you know how long I've waited to say that?) Srsly, Carol's life is there and yours is NOT tied to NY so why're you hanging around? Fix up the house, rent it or sell it and Go West, Young Man!! erm, old and fat (you're NEITHER btw) silly man.

You need to make that alternate more of a reality!!

Sarah, The Webbiegrrl Writer
(my new sig :-) better than -sry? )