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07 July 2008 @ 12:13 am
Moving in, moving on  
Well, I'm going against the flow - once again!- and buying a new house. Well, OK, not a new house - it was built in 1925, but new to me. Got a great deal on it, and that's even counting the currently depressed economy.

For the first time ever, I'm in no hurry. Ain't like I gotta move out of the trailer that fast, and I haven't closed on the house yet.I figure to get all the small stuff moved this week in the van, than get a U-Lug on Sunday for the large furniture.

I had my first cookout today. Invited "The Wolfpack" over. Mostly fellow denizens of Baen's Bar, to call us a writer's group is kind of pretentious, but describing them as a "D&D" group - which is what we originally started out as - is too geeky even for us. 

The previous owners left a DuKane gas grill - a Natural gas one - no tanks - sells for approx $700 new - I just cleaned it up, washed the grills, and fired her up on the first try. Just burgers and dogs, but hey...I get the DSL hooked up in the next week or two, and we have the new party place.
Cleaned up the old patio furniture with the pressure washer, hooked up the portable stereo on the patio, and just chilled and enjoyed the evening.
Went in and fired up the MP1 - that's my term for the player piano - and we played about 10 rolls. Kinda cool, the original karaoake, ya know. Got something like 400 rolls or so that the previous owners left. A lot of it is songs I never heard of, some I've heard of, but never heard, so I'm working my way through the boxes. Some of it is labeled in Polish, but that's close enough to Russian that I can sort of follow the titles, but still nothing I recognize. 
Well, gotta get going, it's midnight and I gotta go to work tomorrow.
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