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oso305's Journal

29 January
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Genuine PITA and Major Curmudgeon. I do not tolerate fools gladly. What a long, strange trip it's been... Graduated from Starpoint HS in 1975, and if you'd told me then what I'd be doing today, I wonder what drugs you'd been doing? Seven years in the Navy - 2MARDIV, USS Nimitz, NNMC Bethesda, NRMC Portsmouth, picked up an AS in Med Technology, National EMT registry and worked Pathology. Had a mid-life career change, total career change,went to Buff State and got an Electrical Engineering degree. Got caught in the mid-Eighties recession, got offered an AF Commission, picked up an MS in Management, worked a bunch of strange jobs, finally got annoyed enough to toss in my retirement papers in Sept 2003. Been teaching High school since then, AFJROTC. Two years in the Bronx, a year in South Philly, and a year in Buffalo. Personally rewarding, doesn't pay much, but I like giving kids options. So far, almost all of my cadets have been accepted to College, although a very small number went into the military, anyway, despite my efforts to get them to go to college..
living well, loving life, mil sf, sensible people, teaching aerospace science, writing sf